Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Brighter Side of Black Mold

There is much overstated when it comes to the the so-called "black mold" as know as Stachybotrys. The purported seminal case often referred is the Cleveland case of hemosiderosis was later discounted as to causation of the condition of bleeding lung in infants in that city.

The medical research does not support any wide claim that this fungus merits the alarm that is generated on the Internet by lay "mold inspectors" .

Many consider such reporting as "mold terrorism" as does this research scientist.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Diagnosis of invasive fungal mold is can be conclusively performed with proper diagnostic techniques unique to mycoses.

What are some of the tests used in determining a mycosis or fungal infection is present in a host?

Most common are:

1. X-rays will identify a growth.
2. Diagnostic microscopy.
3. Toxicological tissue assay.
4. PCR

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes we all know fungal mold can infect our scalp and they call it "ringworm". When it infects our feet they call it "athletes foot" when it is found active either necrotising or involved as a neoplasia in the body they call it a "cancer". Medical mycologist refer to all their conditions as a mycoses (my co sees)

It is know that fungi produce the common alcohol in the intoxicating beverages of the western civilization. Itis actually quite surprising that humans would intentiaonally take a poson for any satisfactory reason.

Neurotoxic fungi and specifically molds are a rare presentation in human habitations. Neuro toxic toxic levels are rarely founded and when they do exist their presence is even less so identified.