Monday, May 8, 2006


47 year old woman complaing of headache with nasal discharge is diagnosed as have "cancer" of the olfactory bulb. Study including pathology, histology and cytology by medical mycologist identifies Aspergilli in tissue and provides a report identifying the presence of this fungi. Medical follow-up in consideration of the study adds to the medical regime a course of antifungals and the patient becomes stabilized.

The working environment of the patient identified a massive presence of fungi including the Aspergilli.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


As much as has been written about toxic mold still too much is left unsaid and in confusion.
Many of the "toxic mold" experts are in ongoing disagreement what is toxic what is not toxic when it comes to molds that are found in the workplace, schools or the home.

Medical mycologists are clear that the majority of the so-called "black molds" that are claimed to be toxic and pose no risk or danger. In the recent Discovery Channel show "Is Your House Out to Get You" medical mycologists and physicians detail true environmental and toxic mold health risks.

This show featured many of America's leading health professionals from academia and clinical research.